Nicolas Vahé Savory – Gift box

Nicolas Vahé Savory – Gift box

249,00 kr.

The Savory Collection is a gift box from Nicolas Vahe that completes any meal. The four salts give your dishes a boost with surprising flavors and make them a feast for the eyes. The salt with parmesan, tomato and basil is a must for Italian dishes. The activated carbon salt enhances the visual expression with its deep black color. The salt with spring onions gives your cooking a delicate touch with a balanced garlic note. Finally, the salt with chili gives your dishes a long-lasting warmth. The salts come with ceramic grinders that give you finely ground spices. This releases the oils for more aroma and flavor in your dishes.

Contents: 130 g., 85 g., 120 g., 115 g.

Ingredient: Sea salt 92.93%, parmesan cheese 2.8% (raw @ milk, salt, rennet), tomato powder 1.39%, garlic powder 0.93%, sweet chili powder, beetroot powder, basil 0.4%, essential basil oil // 86.5% sea salt, 5% shallots, 4% ramsons, 3% garlic, parsley // 96% sea salt, 1.5% chili flakes, 1% dried birds eye chili, dried cayenne pepper, 0.5% dried ginger // Sea salt , activated carbon.


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